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Medical devices make an important contribution to our society's welfare. Their availability, safety and fitness for purpose is crucial to the success of the work performed by doctors and caregivers – and thus to preventing, diagnosing and curing illnesses.

In emergencies in particular, efficient handling and a dependable performance are indispensable. It is then reassuring to be able to rely on quality products. It is for this reason that Holtsch has been manufacturing medical devices to the highest standards for more than three decades now. Our name stands for reliability – for tested premium quality 'Made in Germany'.

Holtsch develops products that help people. This is what has been driving our inventive spirit for three generations. Our innovative products are developed in close collaboration with users from the medical sector. After all, we consider it our vocation to make their profession easier.

As a family business, we set great store by closeness. Closeness to both our customers and our staff in Development, Production and Distribution. Which is why at Holtsch not only does everything come from one source; it also comes from one location. At our company HQ in Taunusstein, Hessen, we keep track of the entire production chain, thus being able to guarantee flexibility and sustainability. After all, at Holtsch we are aware of our responsibilities. That you can rely on!

Our products

Jeptpull® family

Our Jetpull® family consists of 3 different tourniquets and the Shunt Band in two different lengths.

The three tourniquets are a fast, simple and safe solution for preparation of blood collection. Our tourniquets can be used single handed and when closed or opened a clear click sound can be heard to guarantee an uncomplicated and safe usage. All tourniquets are metal free and can be used in radiology. Prints of logos etc. are possible in 1-4 colors. With a minimum of 2000 pieces the complete lock can be colored in a pantone similar color. Additionally, the strap is skin friendly with a length of 49‑50cm and can be designed for advertisement purposes.

  • Jetpull® 2
  • Jetpull® Pro
  • Jetpull® Ultimate
  • Jetpull® Shunt Band
Our most popular tourniquet can be opened without relaxing the strap beforehand, allowing a fast removal from the patient. It is additional possible to open the tourniquet in two steps with first relaxing the strap before opening the lock with the two buttons on the side.
The newest generation tourniquet is designed especially ergonomic. A safety lock is included in the control button. By pushing the dent on the lock the strap relaxes before the tourniquet opens. Allowing a fast and highly secure usage.

Our pro therefore is equipped with a double secure system as our ultimate is too.
The tourniquet with two step solution for highest security when using. First the strap is relaxed with pressing the specially designed button on top of the lock. Afterwards the tourniquet can be opened by pressing the two buttons on the side.

Without relaxing the strap the tourniquet is automatically blocked and cannot be opened for most safety handling.
The soft and safe Shunt Band helps to stem Hemorrhages, saves time and expense in the clinic and routine dialysis. Jetpull® Shunt Band is an elastic eudermic strap with sewn in Velcro, equipped with an ergonomically designed anti-slip plastic pressure pad, serving for an optimal pressure distribution.

It supports hemostasis at skin punctures and shunt insertions. Jetpull® Shunt Band is especially suitable for frail and elderly patients.

The Shunt Band is available with green, blue and white strap, also in latex free and strap in two different lengths.

The Quickpad alcohol swab dispenser, being sterile and physiologically verified as harmless, is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting the skin. The active agent 2 propanol acts as an effective, “mild on skin” disinfecting agent. The “swab tear-off” ready to use system allows for the single use of the swab. This makes Quickpad not only economical but also efficient in its use.

The lid of the Quickpad alcohol swab dispenser container seals air-tight, keeping the alcohol swabs moist and sterile. As a result, the swab dispenser has a particularly long shelf life of 24 months.

Quickpad is supplied ready for use and with its simple operation, can be used by specialists as well as patients for cleaning/disinfecting the skin. An ideal product for diabetics and other users of self-injection syringes.

Additionally, it is always possible through the transparent container to see the fill level and it is suitable for self-application by the patient.


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